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Printmaker and Painter


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    There have been four of Angela Lemaire's own artist books, one of which is The Plague, 1967.
Designed, printed and produced by her.   Two woodcuts, eight etchings.



Above: two etching/aquatints from The Plague
A 2nd edition of this book has been published, as an artistís book by The Old Stile Press, in 2009.
The edition is laid in a dropback box, see below. There are 8 etchings and one new woodcut.
Text and woodblocks printed by Nicolas McDowall. Etchings printed by Martyn Grimmer.


Above: images from the 2nd edition of The Plague


Selection of early books: The Plague (title page); The Monk's Life;  Her Day; Temenos;  Being Human.


Books with The Old Stile Press

These can be viewed in greater detail at


Talking Through Trees

The latest book with The Old Stile Press is Talking Through Trees by Edward Picton-Turbervill, with over thirty woodcuts,  2017.
The book was designed by Nicolas McDowall during 2016.   The main edition consists of 140 copies, numbered and signed by the author and artist. 
The Special Edition is hand coloured and is limited to 10 copies, numbered I - X.

This book is about the trees in the Backs, St John’s College, Cambridge. 
It was written when the author was an undergraduate and organ scholar at St John’s College … 
He had developed an early interest in the books that were produced at The Old Stile Press - where text and image are of equal importance. 
The Press became eager to work towards publication… and both author and Press decided that “wood-cuts by Angela Lemaire
…. would be the perfect accompaniment to this text.”  And I am delighted!

Angela Lemaire woodcuts
Special edition, drop-back solander box and cover.


Angela Lemaire woodcuts
Title page with map of the Backs at St John's College


Angela Lemaire woodcuts
St John's College, with trees


Angela Lemaire woodcuts
The Wordsworth Oak


Angela Lemaire woodcuts
On the right the Bridge of Sighs over the Cam


Angela Lemaire woodcuts
The Babington Yew


Angela Lemaire woodcuts
Slip-case and cover, Main Edition


Angela Lemaire woodcuts
Yew and Honey Willow


Angela Lemaire woodcuts

Redwood, and a young Wellingtonia




The Journey of Thomas the Rhymer


The Journey of Thomas the Rhymer,  2000. Title Page.  Wood engravings & linocuts, limited edition of  220.



The Pyed Pyper


The Pyed Pyper,
2002. Woodcuts and linocuts. Limited edition of 175 



JOYS: passages from the works of Thomas Traherne

JOYS: passages from the works of Thomas Traherne,
2004.  Title Page.

Linocuts, woodcuts and engravings, limited edition of 200,
hand coloured edition of 26.



The Secret Commonwealth by Mr. Robert Kirk, 1691



The Secret Commonwealth by Mr. Robert Kirk, 1691, 2006.    Woodcuts.  
Limited edition of 150, hand coloured edition of 10.



A Christmas Sequence 



 A Christmas Sequence, with an introduction by Dr Andrew Plant.  Above: Binding & slipcase, title page,
preparatory drawings for Massacre - 5th Evening, The Innocents & final scene.

 The text used in this book was one that
had originally been chosen by Benjamin Britten from the Chester Miracle Cycle as libretto for an opera
along the lines of Noye's Fludde.   Sadly he died before he could complete the project, but the drafted
text is printed here for the first time.   There are 76 woodcuts, printed from the block, and the book,
as are all The Old Stile Press books here, is designed and printed by Nicolas McDowall

Editions: 10 Special and 195 Main.

Jubilate Agno

Below: images from Jubilate Agno, by Christopher Smart.
The book is printed and designed by Nicolas McDowall, The Old Stile Press.
Woodcut and linocut images and Afterword by Angela Lemaire 2012.

Binding of Jubilate Agno

Jubilate Agno

Title page

Page spread from Jubilate



Old Jedburgh 

This is a hand printed book with fourteen wood-engravings, 
and an Introduction and text by Angela Lemaire.  

There are twelve views of Jedburgh each depicting an imaginary figure from the past.  
The book is printed by letterpress at Robert Smail's Printing Works, Innerleithen. 
All the wood-engravings were printed from the engraved lemon-wood blocks.  
It is a limited edition of 150 signed and numbered copies. 
Enquiries - email Angela Lemaire - see Contact.

Old Jedburgh - Cover - Angela Lemaire

1. Cover, with engraving.

Old Jedburgh - The Auld Brig - Angela Lemaire

2.  The Auld Brig

Old Jedburgh - The Capon Tree - Angela Lemaire

3. The Capon Tree



Cosmiel's Gift by Philip Carr-Gomm  

This is a small book consisting of an excerpt from Philip Carr-Gomm's novel The Prophecies.  
There are eleven images by Angela Lemaire in it - mostly wood-engravings. 

Cosmiel's Gift is an account of a post-mortem journey that is inspired by early Jewish Merkabah mysticism,
and by the book The Ecstatic Journey by the 17th century Jesuit polymath Athanasius Kircher,
who describes a journey through the cosmos accompanied by the angel Cosmiel.  
More details at 

Cosmiel's Gift by Philip Carr-Gomm - Angela Lemaire


Cosmiel's Gift by Philip Carr-Gomm - Angela Lemaire


Cosmiel's Gift by Philip Carr-Gomm - Angela Lemaire


Cosmiel's Gift by Philip Carr-Gomm - Angela Lemaire

"After this ecstatic journey with Cosmiel, I no longer fear death. 
Instead I know of the wonders that lie in store for me, once freed of the physical body. 
Death, I now know, is a process of shedding, of letting go of attachments, of longings, of defences,
of garments of thought and feeling that cover the pure radiance of the soul."


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